// Gastronomy

Wise cooks have perfected and preserved the traditional cuisine’s flavour by using seasonal and local products, and by presenting dishes that stand out on the menus of the Municipality’s main restaurants.

The most popular dishes are the lamprey, between January and April, and the traditional “caldo de nabos” that the people of Gondomar cannot do without during the Festas do Concelho (Municipality’s Festivities) between September and October. Cuisine is one of the main tourist attractions of Gondomar, the result of consecutive Festivais Gastronómicos (Gastronomic Festivals), held in more than twenty years, which are highly recognised by the public, they are: the “Festa do Sável e da Lampreia”, held in February and March; the “Caldo de Nabos” held in September and October. More recently, the “Rojões e Papas de Sarrabulho à Moda de Baguim do Monte” competition, held in February, has been attracting a growing number of fans.

In confectionery, the ones that stand out are the “Coração de Gondomar” and the “Mimo D´Ouro”, pastries inspired by regional products such as: walnuts, turnips and honey.

Finally, the growing brand vinho verde (wine), produced in the Municipality, is becoming more recognised.