// Become part of the Tradition

Popular traditions are very much alive in Gondomar. The most important popular event of the Municipality, is held in October, the Romaria de Nossa Senhora do Rosário (festival). This festival is also called Festa das Nozes (festival), because it is celebrated when the first walnuts of the season appear in Gondomar, as a result of planting walnut trees, mainly in Melres. At the Largo de Santo António where the celebrations are concentrated, which origin dates back to the 16th century and reach their peak with the grand procession that is held on the Monday after the first Sunday of October, municipal holiday in Gondomar. The people of Gondomar put a lot of effort in decorating the streets where the andores (portable platform with statues of saints) pass, by adorning their balconies with their best family’s bedspreads and embroideries. The Festival attracts thousands of people to Gondomar, who also seek the traditional tasquinhas (small taverns) and folk entertainment. Gondomar has a great number of Ranchos Folclóricos (Folklore Dance Groups) that keep folk wisdom alive and preserve a very valuable ethnographic heritage. In each parish’s Festivals, the groups show off, proudly, their costumes and present the audience with folk music and folk dance.