SIC launches collection Heart of Gold produced by Topázio

SIC launches collection Heart of Gold produced by Topázio

“Heart of Gold” is a collection of filigree, composed of 3 gold-plated pieces in the shape of a heart. The production is the Centennial brand Topaz to the SIC and will be presented next Saturday at the Grand Hotel Altis, Lisbon.

«It is true that ‘ Heart of gold ‘ has an image associated with the Port and Douro, but these beautiful pieces will now be available to all the Portuguese in a very traditional filigree collection. This partnership with the Topaz became obvious to both parties, when we saw the logo of the telenovela ‘, stresses Monica Balsemão, Marketing Director of the Group Impresa.

«In Topaz, we have made an effort to keep the tradition alive, recovering old models and releasing new collections using the traditional technique of filigree. This association with the Golden Heart of the SIC arises, so naturally and will certainly allow greater disclosure of the beauty and grandeur of this Portuguese way of working the precious metals», Carla Costa, Director of Marketing for Topaz.

The presentation of the collection will count with the presence of some actresses of the SIC. The pieces will be on sale in stores Topaz and through the website of the SIC in

Source: Moodmagazine