Museu Mineiro – Casa da Malta

Museu Mineiro – Casa da Malta

Museu Mineiro – Casa da Malta
Rua de Vila Verde, 253 – 4510-457 São Pedro da Cova
( +351) 935 663 998
Tuesday to Saturday-10:00-12:30 pm | 2 pm-5:30 pm
Closed on Sunday, Monday and holidays
GPS: 41.162351 / -8.511266

The old mining industrial complex of São Pedro da Cova is directly linked to the extraction of coal which existed in the parish for about 170 years. A process with different phases which can be easily explained through the buildings that make up this industrial complex and which is classified as a monument of public interest (MIP) since 19 March 2010. This complex was being adapted to new needs, particularly the need to increase coal extraction.

Of the various infrastructures was fitted with the Easel, construction that arises from the need to position the suspension cables of the “cages” (elevators) along the vertical wells to carry overseas coal dismantled in underground galleries by miners. This Easel is now termed as well Bridge Saint Vincent by the fact that it was built on the well of St. Vincent. Is the first concrete bridge to be built in Portugal and one in s. Pedro da Cova. It became the image of a mining community and brand for its dominant presence the landscape.

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Bridge of Saint Vincent pit-coal mines of São Pedro da Cova
Project – Engineer Charles Tournay
Builder – Engineer Fernando Moreira de Sá
Material – Reinforced Concrete