Road trip – Distance: 25 Kms
From Porto, you enter the Municipality of Gondomar by the E.N.108, where you will find the locality of Ribeira de Abade, in Valbom, which was once considered one of the main fishing centres in the north of the country. Here, you will notice the typical valboeiros (boats).

After 4 kms, in the locality of Gramido, we suggest that you visit the Fundação Júlio Resende, the Quinta do Passal and the Casa Branca de Gramido.
Back to the EN 108, you can admire the landscape that, on both riverbanks, encircles the Douro as far as to the parish of Foz do Sousa, where you’ll find a concrete model bridge designed by the architect Edgar Cardoso, which served as a test for the construction of the ponte da Arrábida (bridge).

About 400 meters ahead you’ll find, on your right, road signs pointing to the Praia de Zebreiros, one of the most pleasant river beaches of the Municipality and of the Douro.

Continuing your journey on the EN 108, you will drive past the barragem de Crestuma/Lever (dam), built in the 20th century and inaugurated in 1986.
Resuming your route, you will now head towards the locality of Lixa, in Covelo, where you can gaze out the marina and the surrounding landscape of the Serra das Flores (mountain).

The next stop on your journey is Melres, where the Largo do Pelourinho and the Solar da Bandeirinha stand out. You can visit the Solar only by booking, we also point out to the wood carved ceilings of the Salão Nobre, which date back to 1697. Next to the Solar is the Praia Fluvial de Melres (river beach), where among many other activities, you can take a nature walk of approximately 15 meters, next to the river, to the areal de Moreira (beach). On the River Douro’s left bank, is Lomba, take a taxi-boat in the marina of Melres and enjoy the Praia Fluvial da Lomba (river beach), with unique landscapes, a wide beach and several aquatic activities.